One of the things that people may not realize about meth production and use is that they damage your Yuma property in ways that people cannot even imagine. Properties where meth was either made or used need to undergo extensive cleaning and restoration before the property is safe to inhabit again. If someone used your Yuma or home or business to make or use meth, you are responsible for the cleanup. If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation, you can count on the team of professionals at Mint Restoration to provide you with the services that you need to make your Yuma property a clean, safe place to live and or work in again.

Meth Cleanup Services in Yuma

The first and most important part of the cleanup services is the actual cleaning up of the leftover residue, equipment, and paraphernalia. These items are usually in the cooking, disposal and storage areas. If someone has been making or using meth in your Yuma home or business, this means that your walls, ceilings, drapes, sinks, bathtubs, HVAC units, drains, dumpsters, septic systems, sewers, and water are all more than likely contaminated. Meth knows no bounds, so even if meth was never made or used in one particular room, that doesn't mean that room isn't contaminated. If your Yuma property is an apartment, condominium or hotel, there is a chance that other parts of the property are contaminated as well. The cleanup should only be handled by experienced professionals, like those of Yuma’s Mint Restoration.

Health Risks of a Meth Contaminated Yuma Property

If your Yuma property has been used to make or consume meth, the people that live and work there are being exposed to the health risks that come along with the drug. Being exposed to meth second or even thirdhand shows itself in the form of rashes, throat issues, dark-colored urine, jaundice, hallucinations and several other symptoms. It can make your family and pets very sick, sometimes even resulting in death. Mint Restoration doesn't want you to pay for the choices that other people made in your Yuma property, that's why we will take care of the contamination cleanup process.

Yuma's Complete Meth Contamination Services

When you hire Mint Restoration to rid your Yuma home or business of meth contamination, you can count on our team of experienced professionals to take care of the entire process from start to finish. We will take care of the cleaning, restoration, removal and reconstruction necessities to get your Yuma home or business back to the way it was before someone decided to abuse it with meth use.

If you feel like any of the meth contamination services that we offer at Mint Restoration would benefit your Yuma home or business in any way, feel free to contact us today. We want to help get your Yuma property back to normal as quickly as we possibly can.

Mint Restoration is a restoration, remediation, and abatement company serving the Yuma, AZ area.

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